God Winks

God letting you know you’re where you’re supposed to be in even the most confusing times.. favorite song on the radio, anything that shows you you are meant to be there and God’s showing you through signs, through God winks!!


Thank You!!

I wanna say thank you to everybody for opening up your hearts to me and trusting me so much i love you all, i’m very blessed to have yous, and please be easy on Mom she’s going to need it lol For years you’ve been here helping me and being open with me it’s more then i could ask for. You’re all incredible. I can’t wait to meet the kids you’ve been telling me about!! and see Karli and Daddy and Sabrael and Sully and God and Jesus and everybody!!!! Please be as open and trusting to my mom as you have me. My goal is to keep jhdkids going forever. I think it can happen!! When I die of God’s will I want you to remember this and how I have soo many butterflies they’re doubling up in my room!! haha it’s amazing. Like you guys. I’m sure I pray i’ll see you all again one day somewhere way better then where we’re at, with no more grief or pain behind it all. It’s sure been a heck of a ride!! Keep Faith Always I Love You All

Love,  -Jacey-


I know it’s God’s will.. It’s just odd being 26 excited about a stroller instead of a car, living the what seems like dream home watching movies music no job.. They can’t see how bad it is to get like this I can’t even walk to the bathroom without seizing on the floor so I love this stroller that’s just one reason, i wanna fight with my family argue about being late, tattoo, picking me up when i fall on the floor instead of dreaming about it, learning about being a Mom instead of relying on mine to care for me 24/7 because i have to… There’s the scary parts how do I live like this I mean half my familys died people leave because they can i cant, im overdue past 10 years when will God decide to take me and why when i get so okay and comfortable accepting it does it still scare me and sadden me and why the heck no matter what do I feel like im lost and screaming noone hearing fully seeing thank you God and Jesus for keeping me alive when I can’t even handle this I fully rely on yous with almost everything I’m so broken from falling and shattering mentally and physically yous are there to pck me up and make miracles happen I love yous very much and whatever this ride is you have me on i pray it leads to our home no matter how scary and sad im very blessed and lost in this world 


Just one is what it takes for everything to change which life does so love the moments before they change other wise you might wish you didn’t miss it especially when dealing with sensitive situations the whole world can just shut down in a second so live for God Jesus and the moments family is so important when dealing with grief knowing losses of them only some live knowing it happens and feeling the fear it could happen at any moment so as I’m writing this I’m trying not to jinx it knowing it’ll all change 

Thank You!!

Thank You All!! Kinser Cancelmo just helped us order this stroller and it tilts ,like karlis which we still have but is too small.. on ebay for only $700 with donations from you and Megs Fight For a Cure!! http://megsfightforacurejhd.com/ Very Excited Definetely makes a bad day better


Karli’s Angelversary

The 16th of February in 2010 you passed away Princess Karli Belle.. and 2 months after Daddy passed away to be with you, I miss you sooo much it hurts I love you sooooo much. One day when I get to see yous again you’ll probably be sick of me by the time i understand it’s really yous. Thank you God for my family allowing me to have them in my family and the family I have, even with the disease i’m blessed. I’m getting a stroller that’s just like yours, you never truly realize how brave until you understand yourself. You Princess Karli Belle Our Angel So Is Daddy, you’re so incredibly strong so strong not even I could handle how much you went through!! I am so proud of you!! and I miss you both 

jacey and karli (3)