Crazy weird

My thyroid is making me bad more i feel on fire n then ice bucket n always need a fan on my head.. i need to focus on what works to keep body calm enough like ipad with alexa reading me books.. i cant even document in my calendars book n planner they’re not digital so Ipad is updated I don’t know why God’s plan involves me not being able to shower myself anymore to still being able to use computer and ipad iand when i get up etc i have all these seizurey jerky movements and thanks to who invented this word fill in thing so I don’t have to type all these words id rather be living life more like play with pups and my nieces but I can’t understand conversations only online but not in person or phone etc i can only process through fb chat not even video chatting i keep forgetting stuff and remembering randomly and when i need a word it takes so hard to find it my body s like holding me hostage painfully until I’m free of it

One thought on “Crazy weird

  1. Praying for you today Jacey 💕 I know those movements are not fun! Thank you for posting, it matters to this family.

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