Okay thank goodness for word choice fills, there’s like 3 or4. Viruses going around the stomach pain the one I’ve had bad.. there still things I haven’t had yet that is going through the house all through and around mom even is.. congestion in head and chest and sore throats and sleeping and fevers and that’s just some.. just the strting I feel all wrong and I’ve been seizing shaking and real n trapped in body feeling hearing can’t move anything last night yesterday part and so jhd piles them all on add shitty immune system it holds on for etra months n they re already suppost to be weeks n so I don’t know what s gonna hppen so im not sure if I’ll come out of it all or how I’ll be thank you for helping keep everything going otherwise I’d be screwed please don’t forget jhd week May 24-31st we’ve done once but need to keep going love you all hopefully it’ll be finer than I think


Being Sick

its so weird having all this happen feeling it and seeing everyone talk about it from the other view of watching it it’s so different so many things that seem so normal people see as so scary like i can say certain positions are comfortable but don’t look it and could say but that one hurts bad so very weird..

Karli Erica and Jacey 2

Halfway To Heaven

Where half my family already is 😥 just walk back through the door!! every er run every hospital everytime something happened or just having dreams of bombs dropping only on Karli, the fear that everytime they left they wouldn’t come back. Everytime the doctors said it was time, and she recovered. Everytime until the last time.. when the nurse came in my room and said it’s time.. when you tell your Dad Karli’s gone and he cries hearbreakingly holding onto one of her stuffed animals. Having him die from hd and a broken heart in the nursing home 2 months later.. and the best friends that are on this crazy ride with us through this our fur kids. The price of love is worth it, doesn’t make it hurt any less. Thank God for our blessings of Ellie’s kids and Sully’s daughter and Roxi and Flash(my cockatiel) we still have. and the comfortability of home until joining them hopefully again.


RIP Ellie

I didn’t even write on here about Ellie yet!! We miss and love her sooo much and her furkids are so lost. You shouldn’t have had to leave Ellie i’m so sick of death you should’ve gotten to stay still Thank You God for being here please take care of our babies. We tried several nicknames but she only took to smellieelllie haha she had like 12 kids who she loved so much. She loved taking care of human puppies too so much!! She was the mother house dog. Sabrael and Ellie were Lady and The Tramp. The Originals. A best friend to everyone. We will always miss and love you until we see yous again!! ❤Project16.jpg

Light Sensitivity

for the light issues that cause seizures, flu feeling sick nausea, different kinds of lights(including hospital lights which sucks being sick and unable to stay in hospitals long without getting flu sick) photosensitive

ok i use this one for computer usually keep it on office mode
these ones for seeing i don’t use them all the time though oh and polarized sunglasses work too but not even close to as good they’re also on amazon they come in indoor and outdoor
and this one for ipad





passed away, he survived everything and was so old but such a great algae eater fish friend to have and now mom says no more fish 😥 



I go through my room and Sabrael’s not here, i go into the dining room and room and Sully’s not there, Ellie’s not where she usually is on the couch or on the recliner with me, my Dad’s not in his blue recliner in the living room, and you can go in the living room half of it has stars on the cealing from Karli’s room, she’s not in her bed or her chair, she’s not at walmart at midnight anymore. My body says it wants this slushy so i drink the fricken slushy, nope now it didn’t want it and you’re on the floor most the day screaming and crying in pain throwing up your body won’t stop moving and it’s hard to breathe your lungs are spasming everything is just shaking and hurting so bad and you can ask God to take you and it’s not happening, because it’s not your time yet.. what kind of hel* is this.. where you can feel broken and shitty and still have to deal with the bullshit juvenile huntington’s disease desides to do and it can’t be helped or fixed. I know what you’re thinking and no, hemp cbd doesn’t work it’s not magic for me. I’m waiting for God’s Will and God and Jesus help me through all of this. but seriously.. i want it all back, but if i go back then i can’t go forwards to where i see them all not sick. So i just have to survive until God says it’s my time.

family with the kids.jpg