a website that with creating a family & spread so much love and inspiration as far is it can get through the many hearts and love and stories of everyone, blesses everyone touched by jhdkids as i know i have been by them all, educating, inspiring, helping, or just waking up hopefully as many people as possible. I think a family because we all know how important every part of it is connected by a need sadly for these kids, that outreach could possibly hopefully help too


You could blame me for trying to fit into what each different relationship needed me to be in order to keep certain ones you can try to blame me for blowing up and saying you take me as i am or don’t you can blame me for trying to change the odds by someone with jhd not having most people run away you can’t blame me for being sick, i try and that’s all i can do i put up too high expectations and get thrown down from them this disease does not make me sweet and nice i get lonely depressed lost hurt frusterated pissed sick of everything and then I probably make a new friend I tell what to expect they can never truly know because I even surprise myself do i deserve this do I deserve maybe out of this at least something this is life it doesn’t stop it doesn’t let up and it sure the hell isn’t going to let me take time to breathe from this never ending river im almost completely submerged in I can’t be controlled I could be poison I could be everything but I definitely can’t fix or stop that people run because they can i can avoid hurting people as much as possible still doesn’t mean I can stop the river from running no matter how much I wish I wasn’t in any of this able to run away too or not even by a situation like this its claustrophobic but life doesn’t care 


Feb 15th, Please keep Karli and Cory in your memorys and thoughts i miss and love them so much and it would’ve been the day Karli passed and Cory’s Birthday



My Valentine

I love this photo of Karli. You can see everyone in who she is. She’s my baby sister and i love her and miss her and daddy and sully. I can even see some of me in her too. She passed away at 13 years old 2 days after valentines day.

karli (414).jpg