Coaster Disaster

Riding a roller coaster for a long time it goes up and then downn then up and downn worse and worse you lose who you love you lose your abilities your pain levels highten and you don’t even know when you’re gong to actually die. Unpredictable but so downhill. God and Jesus are always there for you in life and death. It’s still so incredibly hard. The doctors and medicine the equipment and symptoms new and worse bad news.  When you’re wheeled into a store after this its like the shock is so hard you cant see anything that changes anything. It just keeps going.


you know when your body parts fall asleep and it hurts, well my body has come to hurt the whole thing at the touch soo bad but wont stop yet and cant live without doing things so its suffer or lay hurting bored so consider this education, yes it hurts so bad but it exists neurological


whats it like for your legs to give out be weak and streingth get frusterated and pis*ed off at the same time break and then use a hoyer lift at age 25, you got it still bullshi* at least dottie got a lift too though