Understanding The Impossible

I’ve watched Karli go through so much and never did I think I’d be able to relate to her later. She took the love faith hope everything when she died and it took so long to figure out how to get some back. Karli and Daddy took parts of us even in our 💕 and I miss and love them soo much and hope and pray to see them soon. Everything is turning into blank space as time goes by because they’re all leaving and dying too.. the point is juvenile Huntington’s disease is your own personal hell.. and I never thought I would understand the pain of it being so bad you want to scream and you cry even when you try to not let it break you symptom by symptom but there’s just so much limit. You screamed in stores in your stroller and i hear and see the things that make me want to crawl out of there too, and the dystonia and hard to breathe and I know I’m not 13 and I know I don’t have or want feeding tube just comfort and dying at home.. but i can relate to way too much now and it scares me that these symptoms are going to keep happening and I know God and Jesus are my rock and you said it yourself through your life how much Faith you had and you were so brave because I can’t always hold it. It’s scary , relief sometimes because i can be with yous sooner and thats scary too. The frustration of not being able to get it fixed or helped and the relief I know i pray I’ll be with yous abd Sabrael and Ellie and Sully and Grandma and Grandpa and soo many more.. i can relate to the frustration of trying to get understanding and losing it and being treated like a person and not a disease while still trying to fix it.. the loss of what you loved to do and pain of watching others do it.. the wanting to try it again and failing.. we’re not the same I know jhd wise and person wise but I understand more and more and Faith is the only thing you can truly hold onto that won’t leave or fail or ruin or anything because you said it to Keep Jesus in your heart ❤️ and you were so excited to go be on his lap.. just taking it moment by moment and thanks to you it’s easier then it would be without you I can’t even imagine it..


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