Simple yet confusing

I’ve read old books through my alexa voice kindle I brave new ones vbut am not used to wanting to only reread others like when i watch tv and stick to cartoons and others im used to i have a schedule lights have been hurting more nausea movements I can’t keep a normal conversation offline and it’s getting harder online it’s easier to comment and post diff things then converse anymore cant handle noises like even background noise its like an erased head or a crayon scribbled one i can’t I’ve been so weak my body is reallly slow inside and out I even frow up what I can’t digest so it’s all spaced out even writing this seemed impossible but i did it thank you God and Jesus there’s times when I have more ability and strength but then i just remember when i was able it’s all just so confusing and complex

One thought on “Simple yet confusing

  1. Thank you for your post, it means more than you can imagine. Sending our love!!! We had another one of our children diagnosed, now we have three with hd. Praying for you.

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