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Wreck This Journal, This Is Not A Book, and Mess

DSCF6205It was getting late and he was getting scared, even afraid of his own shadow, the bee buzzed, he grabbed a flashlight and it ended up starting a fire, his parent used their credit card took a parachute and jumped the airplane don’t worry they’re coming!! DSCF6206I rolled the dice, the flashlight turned on and shown through the rainbow and clouds so bright that the smart pilot had to parachute from the sky an arrow ripped the chute and they had to fall into the fountain, all that remains of that day is a footprint and the can they have to use now use. DSCF6208Day turned into night in the flash of a light, an Alien stopped by to call them a Loser Bye Alien DSCF6211The sleeping side of the world, and all different parts of the world besides that, spotted Max and some smart researchers decided Max was right and attracted a cure for Juvenile Huntington’s Disease. DSCF6212In a secret treehouse fort on a part of the world someone fell asleep started to take a nap, when zap lighting struck and awoke them, they looked through the keyhole and saw the moon was out and a fountain and turtle lay beneath it what an odd place they thought DSCF6214They were camping out in a tent of sorts and they dreamt of an alien awoke in a startle grabbed a flashlight and found a magnifying glass, a bee, a footprint, they were hurrying along, credit card fish, must be safe and sound in the house now.

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