it seems like kids with Juvenile Huntington’s Disease are more then that. They seem more like family. When i see them happy, excited, amazing memories of them i love them all when they cry, hospitals, progression, death, i cry and grieve, i worry about what happened to me happening to them and that it won’t be a lot of different things. I understand it and am going through it awhile and it never gets easier jhd either makes it different or worse. it says in the bible to love everyone as if they were you’re Family. I love posting updates about them adding to their page. The best we can do is pray they are as best as they can be pain free for even a second. Special moments to remember. our journey’s have let us meet and some will probably be until Heaven. I love every second any second i spent with them even when i was able to video them. So many are Angels now.


My Journey over years #Jhdkids #jhdsucks #juvenilehuntingtonsdisease #cruel #progressive #terminal #disaster
13 years that’s cruel I shouldn’t have to do that many of jhd i hate this it’s cruel 😭 even Carissa Krivanek was alive she was one of my best friends I shouldn’t outlive this stuff its mean


Sick again because i curl up at night and my systems so slow i keep throwing up all the time. I wake with seizures Mom has to medicate me for. jhd sucks.. it hurts soo bad

Vampires and doctors

I’ve been thinking maybe doctors are vampires i mean urine ok but why so much blood, do they need 2 ways to verify I took the valium just a theory. People think im serious but im joking. You see, when a doctor hears my Mom say i have more seizures, 40 minutes long. people go for the cold or flu, but i bet im one of the only people who can leave after that with yet another neurology request, which we dont have. Easter gets so sad without Karli. Over 13 years ive been progressing with juvenile huntington’s disease. Why so long. It all hurts soo bad all the time every day. Only God can know. it’s cruel but somehow important diagnosed at 13 years old. Not fair, i wish i died with Karli when she died at 13 years. My Dad 2 months later in 2010. Maybe it’s to help jhdkids, i used to be best friends with them, we talked and cards Carissa Crista Cory Judy Meghan many more. I wish i could just message them. I love all the jhdkids, a God given gift.


I miss you so much Princess Karli Belle, you taught a lot of the world about how brave kids like you are and how much you faught and lived, and how memories never end. You gave us faith hope and love, and we had to fight hard to regain it after you left our house empty. It’s almost your Angelversary. The day the nurse came in my room and said it’s time. I never thought it could ever happen. I wouldn’t wish that pain on even my worst enemy. You’ll always be 13 to me. Always be my little sister. In 2 months it’ll be Daddy’s Angelversary. Could you tell him how much I love and misss you both. You’re one of my most heroes. He’ll always be my Daddy too. #jhdsucks #angels #Jhdkids #heroes


There are no redos in jhd it gets harder with longer i used to ride bikes go for walks jump rope drink a ton of soda root beer floats we loved i ate frozen pizzas easily puppy proofed an entire room moved around my room i had fave places and things to do and eat puzzles sign language the keyboard scrapbooking i set up tons of electronicics I could walk through stores and not fall or need any help i could play video games through the tv and used a camcorder all the time making movies expirementing slowly it all goes cant eat this anymore so this and so on walking wheelchair stroller cant handle it.. loving the food acid stomaches different food harder to swallow puree tastes aweful hurts mouth.. i make fake lists of where im going and whaT im doing there sarcasticly to handle it Like im going to see picture rocks and a waterfall” tour niagra falls and california to the wonderland ride there i cantt do any of the things im saying and the list of cants is geting longer lasting years of torture with this progression.. we have a code in our family sort of ingrained, like dont talk about what i cant because it hurts.. when someone says lets go to camp i say i cant and disapointing people hurts i cant go see you graduate i cant record it, and i cant be very able to talk this well in my voice even finding words i cant remember… i cant play games i used to love like board games so please dont discuss them all by me.. please dont put stuff i used to do and love by me im good not reminding me of cants.. its all so hard i cant redo any of it i have journeys the hardest is souls is breaks you down straight into your very being your soul so deep pain i hop e u dont have to feel because of all loss living and dying are the worst by far…. thaank you God for family and yous


I kno its not on purpose but when kids in music videos sing about being torn apart to the smallest piece and surviving its like they dont know what hell this is seizures waking up on floors noises changing everything cruel its like a world full of death because thats how bad ive been sick like death i curl up but then my system gets mad and hold in air n makes me even more sick and hot and cold and tired but too movements to sleep even after meds but the meds Just need the right timing n its so confusing gravity hates me my brain hates me more all the pqinf nerves scream in my body some n i cant stop frowing up bc my systems too slow to digest it all n my inhaler kind is gonna be changed bc the world just changes n they think its better i think its ridiculous if it works leave it

Checker board

I love all the jhdkids and editing fun with videos n pictures and knowing new ones it’s all so sad though because even though i need to know the ages it still is all going to be filled out with ages every single child will die from this without help it’s great to remember them though too It’s why I didn’t keep adding ages because i just kept updating the ages bc they died so fast prayers for them all

It sums up a lot

From a book i read.. “I thought I had been prepared for Robyn’s death–as much as you could be, I had accepted that she was going to die several weeks ago, but now I realised, I could never have been prepared for it. How can you prepare for something so awful? The human brain simply can’t comprehend that level of terror until it happens and then it hits you like a tidal wave and wipes you out. Grief is a funny thing. Nobody tells you about the awful crying that physically hurts; it comes from deep within your stomach and hurts your whole body–‘keening’ was the old Irish word for it and I could see why it was called that–sometimes it came out of my mouth and I sounded like a wailing banshee. All the love you still have to give now has nowhere to go and so it pools at the corners of your eyes and sits like a brick upon your chest until you can’t breathe. Nobody tells you how every cell, every synapse aches, right down into your very core. And nobody had warned me about the tiredness. The weeks of sleepless nights and living on adrenaline suddenly hit me like a tsunami and I was exhausted. I was so tired, my bones hurt, but still I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t face waking up again to realise she was gone.” I had lost a child, but somehow the human body kept going and the days were going past and I don’t know how they did, but time marched on. People still went to work, the post still arrived through the letterbox, bananas turned spotted brown in the fruit bowl, and everything kept going on and nothing stopped to grieve

— The Last Days of Us: An unputdownable, emotional Irish family drama for 2021 by Caroline Finnerty

Bella’s really sic cancer n hip dysplagia she hurts so bad and is getting so small by the hour. It’s so hard being unable to help her. I love her so much and don’t wanna lose her too.

Crazy weird

My thyroid is making me bad more i feel on fire n then ice bucket n always need a fan on my head.. i need to focus on what works to keep body calm enough like ipad with alexa reading me books.. i cant even document in my calendars book n planner they’re not digital so Ipad is updated I don’t know why God’s plan involves me not being able to shower myself anymore to still being able to use computer and ipad iand when i get up etc i have all these seizurey jerky movements and thanks to who invented this word fill in thing so I don’t have to type all these words id rather be living life more like play with pups and my nieces but I can’t understand conversations only online but not in person or phone etc i can only process through fb chat not even video chatting i keep forgetting stuff and remembering randomly and when i need a word it takes so hard to find it my body s like holding me hostage painfully until I’m free of it