Happy Mother’s Day!!

Happy Mother’s Day To My Mom, I wouldn’t trade you for anyone you’re one of a kind and God blessed me with you wed be lost without you Love You Always

Swallowing Air

All the time i end up swallowing air drinking etc then i choke and throw up air literally and I hurt so bad from it it’s another one of those things where you yell this is bullshit!! And still end up having to live with it too


Every game I play is more painful than just playing spider solitaire it’s the only one i can handle that keeps me and my body calmer poor Dottie lays by me I can’t chase her as much I feel so bad for her being next to me but solitaire vs chase my body is so mean 😞Daddy played card games a lot he knew soo many with a single deck


So dam sick of being in this much pain all the fucking time except for short times of relief it all hurts soo badd


Nausea and sick dnd hurting and dizzy stupid dystonicseizures I feel it all the cold floor when i fell the pain of my body thrashing still sick but so trapped and how many.. years I’ve been through hundreds of these I can’t even be unconscious i feel it all why am I still here why couldn’t I die with Karli why do i have to suffer so many more years God’s Will but I really wish I was gone too it just all hurts everything I’m so sick of it