Grief and Lightning

We’ve been having bad weather that attacks me through my body which seizures and shakes and jerks and hurts so bad and mom says i have night ones too.. the lightning was like an eeg horrible mean.

There’s a horrible Empty i feel, how do you grief right anyways.. i see where Sabrael would hed chasing the mice away in my room.. i see ellie laying with Mom while her kids ben n dottie play and i see Karli and Daddy in so many places everything is so empty I just push it away in my mind is that even sane i guess nothing really is and I’m really not sane to begin with and healthy is a word not used anymore i even feel empty for the friends i had helping me.. i just wanna scream angry and sad and frustrated and sick of it all so hard it’s all so hard and im soo sick of empty and hurting from jhd and allergic and ashthma and thyroid and food balance and medicine i love God and Jesus i am so very much blessed even when it seems i cant see all of it and i talk and feel because I think it’s because I’m human and he died for us to be saved anyways, I don’t ever mean anything against Faith I’ll die at God’s Will and God Winks are amazing and i can still feel so

Empty and Helpless and everything I’m just screaming and crying and am here. One day i pray I’ll find out why and be with everyone and God and Jesus and suffer no more. Amen Alleluia I can’t wait and i can wait at the same time because it seems dying is confusing like that.

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