I knew them..

Sounds like friends when you have jhd.. you’re great then shattered by them leaving.. it’s a pattern that’s shitty.. i just wish they loved me as much as i loved them maybe they wouldn’t have left i miss having them here with me, but they left anyways and i still miss them and love them and it hurts so bad

this next one reminds me of one particular person who broke me so bad im still shattered, i never thought you’d get sick of me you promised you’d stay until the end and now i just don’t exist, how can you do that to me, how can someone do that to anyone



that must be the difference between knowing your being pittied and not wanting to be like ‘special awards’ in school being in a special class and still being part of a class year? being someones favorite special customer in a store because you’re different and not wanting it..and accepting it in a comfortable way away from the different situations pressures.. glad to be out of school and not going in the certain stores as much.

My Birthday

My birthday was amazing we didn’t lose anything they all worked together to make it great and we were together my niece Lillith even helped me blow out the unbirthday cake candle!! and she finally beat erica’s boyfriend at candyland. I think this Birthday was one of the best days of my life something to always cherish and be remembered within the limitations I’ve had to improvise with. I’m very blessed. There’s a how am i so old and a it’s a good thing I’m older ridiculously curious. Thank you for making it so amazing.Good thing it was my real birthday so they didn’t have to flip it the cake upside down, that’s only for unbirthdays. I managed to do a lot in a lot of the time can’t.



way long muscle seizures mmmm with everything i keep losing and things i used to have that i can’t anymore the abilities everyything wishes of what i wish i could still do as i keep going it gets harder and harder to do the simplest things that used to be fun and easy.. when i have so much things i just have to keep sanity by trying to remember i’m on a special path that will hopefully lead to heaven to be with the other half of my family until we can all be together, and that’s something that’ll be worth it just continue on God’s will and we’ll all be ok when it’s time to be which will be someday

Idk how I can type and become completely contracted in the same days most Definitely God and Jesus thank you for blessing me very much still painful tho