New Levels

More seizures stomach pain dizziness dystonia weak shakiness hurts to look at electronics inability to stay out bed for long legs giving out all over again, and still managing to partially fall out of bed that has rails and stuffed animals, talent.. not used to this new level of issues..


The Edge

it’s all just one too many over the edge i just want out so bad and everythings, i can’t i have to get to dying in God’s will but this is past cruel I HATE THIS


It’s the yoop so we were always armed in heavy halloween outfits, it used to be fun when we were kids, we had vans a lot so when Karli got too sick i’d take two bags and show them she was in the van, it was somewhat stricter back then or maybe its where we went? to be honest i didn’t feel comfortable doing it, but it’s improvision for her, i didn’t know until i got sick how rational it really was and how it wasn’t that big of a deal.¬†

There’s a lot of kids out together different outfits, and all i want is a little girl, to be healthy enough to do all of that with her. There’s a lot of dreams i have at different points of life mainly because i can’t do them when i dream it. It should be a family, not a stupid disease.¬†

karli and jacey (16).jpg

Never too much wonderland

going on my 3rd 2010 alice in wonderland dvd wore the other ones out lol, went out with erica mom lilli and karisa for an unbirthday dinner it was fun lilli’s so silly

all my guppies died.. probably from the algae i finally agreed to let hoover in the tank maybe his sickness is better now