You get stuck unable to go backwards where it was better so you only miss it, going forwards unable to change what you wish you could, unable to do whatever the hell the disease takes from you living with pain all the time, and forward only usually comes with more progression symptoms pain loss grieving.. and when you’re in the present it seems like where you’re sitting isn’t the best of places to be. Just Stay. It’s all you can really do, just try and stay.

Happy Birthday Daddy

I love and miss you and Karli and everyone soo much i think of yous and picture yous back all the time remembering so much and wanting it all back one day we’ll all be together again i believe it with all my heart and pray it always. You’re my Daddy and that’ll never change. You’ve always had that sparkle in your eye and love in your heart no matter what happened. Your love for your family is incredible. Thank you

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