Vampires and doctors

I’ve been thinking maybe doctors are vampires i mean urine ok but why so much blood, do they need 2 ways to verify I took the valium just a theory. People think im serious but im joking. You see, when a doctor hears my Mom say i have more seizures, 40 minutes long. people go for the cold or flu, but i bet im one of the only people who can leave after that with yet another neurology request, which we dont have. Easter gets so sad without Karli. Over 13 years ive been progressing with juvenile huntington’s disease. Why so long. It all hurts soo bad all the time every day. Only God can know. it’s cruel but somehow important diagnosed at 13 years old. Not fair, i wish i died with Karli when she died at 13 years. My Dad 2 months later in 2010. Maybe it’s to help jhdkids, i used to be best friends with them, we talked and cards Carissa Crista Cory Judy Meghan many more. I wish i could just message them. I love all the jhdkids, a God given gift.

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