There are no redos in jhd it gets harder with longer i used to ride bikes go for walks jump rope drink a ton of soda root beer floats we loved i ate frozen pizzas easily puppy proofed an entire room moved around my room i had fave places and things to do and eat puzzles sign language the keyboard scrapbooking i set up tons of electronicics I could walk through stores and not fall or need any help i could play video games through the tv and used a camcorder all the time making movies expirementing slowly it all goes cant eat this anymore so this and so on walking wheelchair stroller cant handle it.. loving the food acid stomaches different food harder to swallow puree tastes aweful hurts mouth.. i make fake lists of where im going and whaT im doing there sarcasticly to handle it Like im going to see picture rocks and a waterfall” tour niagra falls and california to the wonderland ride there i cantt do any of the things im saying and the list of cants is geting longer lasting years of torture with this progression.. we have a code in our family sort of ingrained, like dont talk about what i cant because it hurts.. when someone says lets go to camp i say i cant and disapointing people hurts i cant go see you graduate i cant record it, and i cant be very able to talk this well in my voice even finding words i cant remember… i cant play games i used to love like board games so please dont discuss them all by me.. please dont put stuff i used to do and love by me im good not reminding me of cants.. its all so hard i cant redo any of it i have journeys the hardest is souls is breaks you down straight into your very being your soul so deep pain i hop e u dont have to feel because of all loss living and dying are the worst by far…. thaank you God for family and yous

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