So much scary stuff in life and an entire year in front of us, not knowing whats going to happen, this is what i try to focus on when i get stuck in hospitals all this other stuff my mom has to hold me still because my arms don’t stay still the whole time. Imagine clenching your fist as tight as possible imagine that everywhere and putting an iv in it. Karli such a sweet brave girl, my Dad so sweet inside we couldn’t see straight off but he was in there.. and everyone who’s starting or whos been going through it all too. I picture Karli with her build a bear bunny faith she got while she was in the hospital. She held on to that bunny and another one named hope. They even gave faith a feeding tube with Karli! I picture the photo of me holding on to mom as tight as i can because they’re insterting ivs, i was in the er once and they had to do it like 12 times because i was in dystonic movement seizure stuff i needed extra meds for, that’s when you think our god is an awesome god he reigns from heaven above with wisdom power and love our god is an awesome god… Yes this is all very scary and sad and often wayy to lonely. I’m not sure why I have to go through this God must have a heck of a plan. God’s Will. My favorite video of this song.

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