New Years

It seems like looking into an empty timeline of what could happen and will happen etc.. it’s scary. Lilli’s mom agreed we could take Lilli for the night and she’s so energetic creative imaginative she makes it not as scary and sad as it could be, we even went to the birthday party isle and got party favors she’s good at picking things out. I’m going to make a new years resolution, get the juvenile huntingtons disease information as far as possible and help the jhdkids as much as possible. I’m already working on valentines which will take me until february to label decorate address i already found the perfect ones, this time i’m limited to the US though. Sadly not as many kids either. I still have a valentine i was going to send out right before Bre’don died for him, so i just keep it. I don’t need help i’ve got everything i need. Also i want to keep improvising to work with what my hands are doing my heads not saying my confusion a lot that might make my jhdkids goal harder but i can try right


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