My dreams apparently read my thoughts of things I didn’t even think was such a big issue..

I was forced into the military off to go to a war in a boat there were huge waves in the boat threatened lives each time I have no idea who all the people i was with were there was a boat going farther than us and we were taking our time making stops food and water limited sort of like slavery every time one of my fur kids appeared they took them and put them somewhere unsafe it hurt so much the farther we got the worse the weather and threat of death

Its easy to understand dying is way harder then you can see.. Jhd has me as a slave when I die i lose my kids progression makes the weather worse and I could die at any time and there’s kids dying faster than me

Im not used to my heart physically hurting its been days now sweating eyes tearing sudden extreme leg pain today it was feeling like passing out its confusing but if I do have a heart attack at least it’ll be at home in bed where i want it thats why im not allowed to go to the hospital apparently because I chose a dnr and to die comfortabley at home there’s a lot of people i wish would talk to me in understanding but life isn’t a science or ideal for anyone with my luck this will stay another symptom and add on to the hours of seizures i cant even ask for help during I can’t control them

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