When able to dream I usually have 2 types of dreams, where my little sister karli who passed away from jhd at 13 or my dad died from hd are dying or theres someone after only them which seems self describable but the other type is killing myself over and over theres many meanings to this theres: To dream that you commit suicide represents self-imposed failure. It may also represent a desire to escape from a waking life situation. You may also have intense guilt, regret, or feelings of hopelessness in some area of your life. You may feel like surrendering to your problems or giving up fighting. Feelings about self-defeat, dropping out, or giving up. and theres: People who have these “suicidal” thoughts and feelings are experiencing the inner prompting that it is now time to CHOOSE A NEW WAY OF BEING IN THE WORLD, (and if they couldn’t actually accomplish this transformation, they wouldn’t even remember these “dreams” in the first place!) Mistaken literalism is the greatest tragedy when it comes to suicidal thoughts and feelings – by all means, “kill yourself”, but do not harm your body! I don’t believe in the big change getting rid of addiction theory but the desire to escape from a waking life situation makes sense. I like the idea of dying inside more then outside you can die once outside but you can die as many times as you want inside, and it makes a lot of sense of what i’ve been doing.

Being rescued in dreams is interpreted to: being rescued Feeling that you need help or need to be rescued—physically, mentally or emotionally Receiving good will or support from others—perhaps because this has happened recently, or you wish it would The idea of letting others rescue you or clean up your messes too often The idea that you could benefit by being more open to help from others Consider who is rescuing whom, and the possible parallels with your feelings about your real life right now.  It makes sense that the people that are there for me in a good way recently would be saving me.

There’s also codependent is when your rescued to a vehicle in a codependent relationship Crisis or emergency. A source of help. Someone or something coming to the rescue, or a person whom you feel tends to rescue others, or who you feel is codependent. This makes sense as in so many relationships i can’t leave but make me feel one sided.


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