Letting Go

How can there be so many fake people in the world that can lead you and deceive you and hurt you without you realizing it. How can so many people in one lifetime of being sick show you the true colors of so many. How can this world give so much power over others to the ones who are two sided. Why does the world take from the good and give to the bad? Why do they appear blind when it happens. Shouldn’t everyone be able to see whats happening? Why can’t they? What does it take to show people whats behind even the most reality of things, which i never thought was even possible to be a lie. How can reality be so not real even if its to the very core of reality. I guess its stuff you have to learn when you’re sick sadly. It hurts my heart though. That so many are suffering and would just love a shower and some people put many showers they don’t need. Life is so, needing God and Jesus.

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