Is how my thumbs now are the whole side of my hands swelled got red my whole hands got purple spots spreading and my thumbs turned in wrong like my knees but its weirder with hands it hurts and burns all the way down the side of both arms right hurts worst concerned if they’re still like this whats next

I’ve been lost with all of this mom got me alexa for Christmas but we made sure it worked and i kept her the light worked but im sensitive to different lights so changed those back but i set up a smart outlet turns things off and on but its just like a voice switch power through or not through.. Turns my tv off but not back on though i need to say it so i can get power through to use remote so its ok if my hands go im using autofill lol mom posts the kids and i was changing kids ages but am partly through oh well it plays my music library i can ask her anything she reads my kindle books shes even webmd and Wikipedia it makes this hand and body issues of no use easier and if i cant say it mom or erica can say it alexa play taylor swift or whats weather or news or remind me too etc highly recommend especially for disability 

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