cagcagcagcag how many counts does it take to lose friends family my old life my old me understanding being too afraid to face me how many cags does it take to grieve so much in one lifetime that is only 25 now, how many cags does it take to be rejected to be judged to be unable to care for yourself to fall on the floor even in the shower like a rag doll to wake up from seizing how many does it take to keep me in bed so long how many cags take away childrens freedom to smile and laugh and go anywhere but the hospital for more tests until they see that the test they run has many cagcagcagcags counting them as they go along, you could type them in a straight line for a long time almost like the amount of time you’re allowed to live, the amount of time you want to live, the amount of pain your going to suffer from isnt even close to those 3 letters yet they rule lives and they define more then they are they dont represent what symptoms you get or how long they’ll live or whether its hd or jhd the symptom age does where they freeze and grow but stay at that one age maybe even younger.. there is a huge difference between hd and jhd even in the brain but we all suffer from cagcagcagcag grieving loss no understanding people leaving getting sicker last birthdays and christmas etc.. how many does it take to make a child die at even 4 years old

no child alike.jpg

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