Moments Of Difference

There’s moments in life that you want to share with everyone, you want to take a picture and video but you miss it, these memories are more real then anything else could be. My pretty birdy flash who thinks hes soo fast impressing us and named himself in that way and he takes bows and you clap your hands for him, there’s my puppies with matching pink and blue collars sleeping verticle on my bead. There’s the bad moments when all you wish for is someone who could be there to help you, to see how bad it really is even when you know god jesus and angels are there, because you can’t record or take pictures of my hands curling up and having to press one key at a time or falling on the floor from seizing and for days you cant stop. Or even amazing blessing memories like friends family our fur and feather and scaled kids. My puzzle wall ive done so many moms goal is to fill the wall. My wish to help the kids but knowing i but them in good hands i fixed up what was bothering me to in jhdkids and handed it to my mom and amazing friends who i trust completely so i could leave facebook and the computer mainly behind. My alexa reads me kindle books while i do puzzles i already have a ton of, and during seizures my dotti presses the help button and sabrael goes crazy barking. I can only make ways of how good it is to pass it on gracefully and how amazing and blessed i am to know the kids and help them and their families!! definetely a God given blessing. Only me and god and jesus can see everything through my eyes so when i really want to share the pain the blessings the information through videos and collages etc even though i know i have done it and now i can be fully sick the way its twisting me up and tightening me and shaking and i couldn’t explain it enough for you to fully see how cruel this disease is, because you can’t see what i can. When you’re listening to music and think everyone should hear several songs they’re not there to listen to them all like you’re doing. It might frusterate you from them all not understanding and you educate as much as possible but they can’t see the way you do, feel the way you feel. Like the blessing that for this few minutes i’m able to type this. Otherwise it’s just my cell as best i can old fashioned so i can work it easier. Here’s some pictures i did manage to get on i especially love the one with dotti and Cory. Until Next Time I’m Able To Type Love, -Jacey-


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