Life Screams

when all we wanted was love we got caught up and burned, but there’s a light in your eyes.. you cant stop me from falling apart because my self destruction is all your fault how could how could you hate me when all i ever wanted to be was you.. to be left out what its like to be your own best friend on the outside looking in im tired of staying at home.. that every one i knew was waiting to run.. you chewed me up and spit me out like i was poison in your mouth.. maybe you should tie me up so i dont go where you dont want me.. i wonder what its like to know that ive made the rain if i was someone else would this all fall apart when will the real world just stop happening.. wishing my wrists were bleeding from all the pain.. i told you everything you know my feelings it never crossed my mind that there would be a time that we would say goodbye what a big surprise these feelings i cant take no more this emptiness its getting harder to pretend and im not coming back around again remember when it was together til the end now im alone again where do i begin.. i wont justify the way i live my life because im the one living it feeling it tasting it.. darken everything around me calm the clouds and listen closely im lost without you call your name everyday when im feeling helpless for all we know this void will grow end this all before it gets me.. here comes fresh fire so infatuated by the darkness and so surrounded by the light but still i want whats pure and want whats right mirror mirror on the wall will there be glory if i fall.. you dont care if its wrong or it ifs right.. theres no use in crying all my tears wont drown my pain free me free me from your sorrow i cant grieve you again you bury me alive everybodys gotta breathe somehow all i did was love you now i cant let you fool me.. my body is a cage that keeps me from seeing the ones i love.. you know it breaks my heart it breaks my heart.. he sings his fear and his hope and his rage im going to take my bow im leave my cage on the ground welcome to the machine it may extinguish your pain.. if you loved me you would be here with me you want me come find me make up your mind.. your times up now thats enough now truth calls you out i hear your claims.. you wouldve never known you cant be too careful anymore.. i dont want to be left behind distance was a friend of mine catching breath in a web of lies i’ve spent most of my life learning how to react i wont be told whats supposed to be right.. you will remember remember me for centuries.. even angels fall

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