God Jesus and the pain

got locked in a seizure got put in the er so i didnt die from it, they gave me more valium and water and watching me close i got to come home!! i don’t remember what happened but if i would’ve stayed in one again i would’ve been intubated etc they did the tests work ups and i was normal in all they finally got the iv in on the 4th try pricked me on the finger blood draw, i was soo stiff that they had a hard time with anything, but it didn’t hurt so bad because god and jesus, held me in a pain bubble where i try to seperate me from my body but i couldnt but it still worked when i was fully alert it all hurt very badly i went and i flew through the sky like a place between death and life in your head and you focus enough you can fly there with god and jesus and angels and except i can’t fully see karli and daddy and everyone because i’m not fully passing yet

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