Place In This

I’m trying to breath, i’m jacey, i have juvenile huntington’s disease,

i’m getting ot i’m getting pt

improved by a lot new wheelchair for even when i have seizures it lifts and tilts, or will, working on hoyer lift sling, hand braces that make it so i fall i dont break my wrist, a special helmet knee pads

me breathing confused and turning is so confusing in my mind where is this or that or what do i do the stress of what i need to get done still soo tired and weak the pups are doing great with the therapists and lilli loves them when she’s here

just freeze everything it’s karli’s birthday remembory on monday.. pause toss it all out and focus on what i want to focus on, that’s a good idea, breath just breath i’ve made it so far already still, survival breathing jacey jhd progressing do what you want don’t complicate it so much have to do’s, when you can noone can decide it but you, i’m progressing i’m here progressing why can’t i get that i make the decisions but do i process what’s happening to me, is that why i feel like crying more often not just in sept. because i can’t change it?

am i awake or am i asleep how alive am i really


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