Walking Into Walls

it seems i turn one way and theres a weird medicine turn again pt then theres ot you haven’t met yet and all this scheduled around what you can handle that’s where you turn and hit the wall hard because i feel sooo sick all the time turn to try to sleep hit the wall turn to try to feel better awake at bed time sleeping most the day and hit another brick wall because you’re missing out on everything by sleeping smack you have to slowly test your weight before you walk to know if you’ll feel good enough to take a step can i watch tv ipad can i get up should the bed be on hot or cold then falling down c’mon then looking at special kind of figurines but really 5 dollars for a figure that i absolutely love but why because it’s just a small painting of the world, i guess thats why i love them so much, i can’t see that world i’m too sick and allergic to almost everything smack

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