Dying Comfortably

I was told i’ve gotta chose comfortably or quality of life, i’ve chosen comfortability. They say chose what you want to save, I chose my hands. I’ve learned a hospital bed with tray table, activities you like around you, coloring games legos, favorite movies on the tv, music, heated mattress pad and heated blanket bell and webcam and blue button for when i need to call someone for seizure purposes etc, right next to the bathroom, and the hard part is whatever happens happens you can’t explain a lot of it but it just happens because like jhd it just happened that you got the jackpot.. fidgets, find its, read books to em, play games with them i find guess who is easier because its faster and portable, dry erase board, notebook, ipad, pictures, sign language for communication.. we live in a small area so there’s not a lot of variety, i myself fire my own therapists and doctors lol they pushed me wayy too hard at physical therapy and we later found out that if i use opposite sides of my body at once it creates seizures. What can they drink, eat, what certain meds help and what don’t remember what meds you’ve tried because they might bring it up again, think out of the box pain relievers ibuprofine youd think, the one that works is the generic family dollar pain reliever, sleeping issues try sleep meds didn’t work had placebo affect? try benadryl dramamine etc pajamas if you’re covered in your bed who cares, although i prefer housedress and i have to feel everything to know if i can handle it or not if i can’t but i use it anyways i have huge movement event seizures from sensory disorder cover walls doors personalize the space i use a calender and a watch, but most the time if someone wants me to write the date i ask them what it is first lol special things and memories go in spots i can look at them and see them table tray for over me when i’m super odd stomach sick a certain kind i especially need it to do anything but watch tv, i love my beautiful one of a kind butterlies people sent me to decorate my room with i asked people to send them amazing outcome im very blessed even when it doesnt feel like it i really am

It helps to have companions i have fish and 2 kids (my puppy dogs)

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