Coping With Dying

If we’re all miracles and God made everything, Jesus died so all the sins can leave us and we can be forgiven.. that every second your alive is another reason for God to keep you alive and that’s important.. if i know all of that there’s still,
the painful need of someone to rescue me from this
how do i tell myself that noone is coming until God decides it’s my turn to win the battle? How do i make the hurting of having to survive, a pain seperate of jhd yet the same, by grieving having it i feel helpless because no matter what it’s still there

2 thoughts on “Coping With Dying

    1. I’m so sorry for all the challenges and losses your precious family endures. And thank God for your lives xo. Thanks for sharing this with us, and Jacey for assisting! (I wasn’t finished and editing previously).

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