Feel too much jamie from TWLOHA book

What I learned today is that we’re all miracles we all play our own part if we didn’t find each other we would be lost and feeling alone and even now when we come together as a community you may still feel lonely and I’m sorry you’re in pain anywhere and words can’t fix it, like being trapped in a cage.. but to love each other and share our story with open honesty and don’t be afraid to ask questions your story is unique and it touches others but that’s all how we connect we all need each other and we are all in need.. creativity can come out of struggles, making a difference.. you matter like the story of God looking for that one missing sheep out of them all and loving it so much, you are very loved even if you don’t feel it sometimes just loving people telling them they’re worth it how brave everyone is and that you’ve come so far already, you get so afraid of the future you forget what you’ve already done 

God knows what’s in your heart!!



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