i can’t go to the niagra falls or to conventions i cant swim with dolphins or go to the wisconsin dells i can’t even make it to the deyoung zoo anymore i couldn’t even go to the petting zoo today because it’s too hard to transport wheelchairs anywhere.. i cant read regular books only childrens i can’t remember sign language i try to remember or pick up the keyboard songs like i used to it hurts to touch paper 3 days straight night and day i’ve been having worse seizures i cant drink pop only water and one milkshake a day i use for my medicine at night i dont even remember the smelll between pizza and ham and everything else because i can’t eat that stuff anymore!! and maybe it’s a blessing i can’t tell the difference!! and the list is sooooo much bigger, i’m thrilled for everyone who can do so much but
is it so bad to want to see a movie in a theater once

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