Deeper Water

I’ve gotten so much worse and it’s hard everything is harder like even my eyes and muscles and tendons and nerves and everything esp in my wrists and arm and hands and prob afte ri type this worse it gets so almost unbearable feeling and i’ve been waking up unable to move trapped in my body completely, everything is just getting so much worse and even if you can’t see it in how i type it’s like even the nerves in my back get sticked with a bunch of pricks all at once and i’ve been asking Mom if she could fix it and she said she wishes she could and the doctors can’t and it feels so claustraphobic and helpless and just painful and terrible and i want it to stop it fixed not feel it and then i realized.. God can fix it, God and Jesus can heal me!! Alleluia

I talked to my niece today about important things that she needs to remember etc so she remembers me a certain way it’s actually hard to do but feels  better knowing that I did it like i know she’ll be okay. Of course everyone will have to be. I’ve learned that everyone in the world is looking for someone to care. For a hero. They need God and Jesus ❤ open their hearts to them.

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