I keep stopping and seeing things so different, how i can feel so comfortable yet know it’s not going to heal me just keep me comfortable, I’ve added the last jhdkid to the book it feels different somehow like I know it’s meant to be my last and acceptance a kind of comfort knowing it’s done the book only taking editing etc it feels like I know how much I’ve done and that through God and Jesus i think I’ve done good and am passing it down trusting in God that it’ll be okay not to worry about it as much as I feel like it it’s out of my control I don’t think it ever truly was in my control.. I just pray it gets keep going jhdkids the start of a new year the start of a new.. hurt at losing so much and love for getting to be able to do what I could and blessed to still be doing things and loss of what it feels like I’m going to miss but comfort in knowing i did so much even if it means remembering and feeling without being able to do. I wonder if I’ll get to meet all of these jhdkids too well not all yet hopefully

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