Tomorrowland Pins

lmao i love this movie but these have been driving me insane

The part in Tomorrowland where they just hand out more pins to people in locations with lions etc and they have to find their way around through to the place without getting hurt trying to get to see Tomorrowland like she did when she fell down stairs into walls almost drown haha thats the part that drove me most insane and how did the robot girl who gave it to her not know where she was or that the pin would do that to her if she’s handed out several others, and the unlimited amount of money for road trips is especially the worst in the move The Space Between Us that was so confusing!! How did they get those ships around so easy from NASA in the US and how were they tracking the kids knowing which store in the world they were in exactly and how were they just there at the exact moment he was about to die how they can’t get past one dog to get a child from Mars and save his life c’mon, only in movies.

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