God’s Will

I learned the passion to make movies from my science teacher Mr. Dennis and if he wasn’t there and I wasn’t in that grade or anything like that I wouldn’t have wanted to do it. I wasn’t very good at the start because everything was so confusing using the program but he said it was good.

If I then would’ve done a different Make A Wish, the live aid concert to raise money or going to Hawaii or going on a Florida water themed day instead My little sister went for a regular one with give kids the world village.. they said the concert would be too big, i wanted something that would last more than a trip long, i was picking out different kinds of puppies until Mom got talked into letting me get one without using my wish for one.. my Grandma happened to mention someone who at that time happened to have a litter of puppies and I got my yorkie/chihuahua named Sabrael it means the only angel that can fight off the demon of disease. He was my baby my love my child my son my best friend my life he went through it all with me he gave me his whole heart and it gave out when he was 13. I miss him and love him soo much. I have a Dottie now but they are all one of a kind she’s my baby girl named after a freckle on Karli’s nose.

It wasn’t easy right away my Uncle Joel had to show me even how to log in to a laptop I started from scratch and with shitty memory God still gives me the ability blessing to do it still. Without any of the leads he led us too through this like the screen changers and special glasses etc..

I made The Real HD when my Mom heard how someone in Orange County CA was having a child and knew if they had hd they would be older and a cure would be found by then. It motivated me through God and Jesus obviously but it needed and still needs to be known that a child can get this and not live all that way and needs their own help for a cure vs adults with hd.

Since then I’ve documented a lot of my life behind a video camera. It’s great memories and great educational.

If my Mom had known what Karli had sooner they wouldn’t have documented any of the learning trying figure out what it was on video camera Mom used and the school’s recording etc..

My older sister also has jhd and she went to Hawaii with Katie and had an amazing time. I was too sick to go by that point but it worked out great still.

Without any piece I wouldn’t have jhdkids or videos or anything. It’s sad just to think about. If God hadn’t granted me passions and my love for these kids I’d be so much less of a me because they show me incredible things and the world needs them. Even if just for a short time their memories live on and everything grows and I really really want jhdkids to keep growing to educate more and everything I hope God’s Path for jhdkids will be. Even passing it on to different people mostly my Mom it couldn’t continue then. Laura taught me helped me create the website the names the everything she taught me and continued for even just technical support. An amazing girl I know also if we didn’t have her help on the funding of keeping the website up it’d be lost. She has a plan to always keep it going for all of us and the jhdkids. Much support throughout more paths leading to so much and many that make it all possible. God And Jesus Are Incredible!!

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