On the contrary

it hurts when people can go do things i can’t or used to be able to, it’s easy to get upset with the people involved in meeting and doing activities, being left behind and sick is really shitty. noone truly knows how much it hurts to feel so.. unwanted comes up as you see it as you being unimportant.. you’re brain can’t fully understand the differences stick to reasons why you like being here and not out  like a great new book you want to listen to and can’t if you leave, it still sucks and is hard to understand but at least when you’re doing something you want to stay home for your more content ( the weird thing is even if they’re by you or anything of relevance you have too much anxiety or/and inability to communicate in one way then another.. like typing i can type but can’t orally or mentally act outside of typing it out is so much harder, you’re trapped), nothing can truly make up any of it because it’s all too complex and a small piece of everything of everything!!


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