Mind keeps getting wiped from all this shi* it’s throwing at me good thing my Mom Jane’s here to remind me what I forget and keep me in bed or on the floor or couch etc( i do walk when i can though) so i don’t fall as much, otherwise i’d be even more crazy lol seizures hurt more when you find your more hurt later not that everything else doesn’t anyways.. makes me mad sad holding onto faith and walking the steps Jesus guides me on the path ahead of me i couldn’t do it otherwise this is scary as heck even though i’m pretty sure it’s a test on everyone it looks odd but feels different then it looks it’s confusing and cruel. I’m finding knowing others exist that did get through this comforting, sad though that they’re sick. Like 2 seizures a day lately weak or strong or in between it varies, one of the scariest is not knowing when it’ll actually kill me. Years, months, days.. so dam* confusing all of it ‘rare’ ugh

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