so many seizures the last one really threw me over into the spiral of black nothingness when your so exhausted out you literally go into this dark cant see or hear or think just needing everything to be nothing and you fall alseep it doesnt seem to be a bad perk of them yet.. Lilli helped me at the lab today she watched them take blood and so we got her dora stickers she put them all the way up her arm like literally you couldnt see her entire arm she picked out this black cat downtown and once she found it you couldnt get her to let go her littleness but huge imagination is amazing she can make something out of a small piece of paper blows my mind how can our world be so full of basically made up stuff we think we have to follow yet have from the start such incredible things, i think society making us have to have an education seems a great thing in this world, but if you look at it it’s like they’re taking up most your life because it’s against the law to not go to school, doesnt that make it a prison? in both dont they reward good behavior and keep you longer if your bad


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