jhd knows you like it exists and hurts you where it hurts the most, and makes it almost impossible to get the help you need, it seems almost planned that way.. for example it changes your immune system so you get sick and the disease makes it worse then normal but i’m allergic to antibiotics and only one kind of tylenol helps and it lasts forever.. you require er visits and hospital doctor stuff but your photosensitive so the lights make you feel like you have the flu no matter how much nausea medicine they give your throwing up almost the entire time from nausea.. jhd to begin with is hard to figure out how to help, it doesn’t help that it knows how to keep you from things that actually help, like making sure the seizing is safe enough in different forms to not be bad past 5 minutes so it can last sooo long and trap you and you can’t call for help and you can feel all of it, silent torture just like how my bodys been hurting soo bad non stop lately and it could easily be the disease so it wont go away ugh

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