hurt so bad from tightening when I walk it hurts super bad and to the touch too, i’ve been doing good on stretching them out seizures seem to come at night/morning more, i’m a vampire sleep during day awake at night, its not something i can help there’s a lot i can’t due because of it and everything else involved with jhd.. its easy to blame it on me and make it all make sense that way but it’s not true i can’t control it i wish it was that easy i have the best schedule for sleep possible for me, if that means sleeping during the day ive gotta.. my mind is fogged over way more so hard to do too much of what i used to i can’t handle as much by a lot and my memory is soo aweful it’s almost just imediate family names my hands are tightening and hurting too but thats understandable i use them more so they hurt worse tha tway too

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