crazy hours stomach flu started yesterday around this time or a bit later cant stop seizing or moving whole body hurts and feels shock and everything mixes together, i didnt know you could have everything mix like this, my mom says this is one of the easier flus on healthy people but it kicked my ass, i’m just blessed to be able to drink and take a nap!! thank you Lord for the hopeful end of it so weak all the time anyways exhausted i sleep like a vampire literally erica got me popsicles though and applesauce and water we needed for me. mom says that fevers are good they get out infections stuff, i mean the fever that comes with it i become a dragon lol i cant even seperate things anymore like i used to or comprehend so this was wha, when virus’ turn deadly because your not healthy enough to handle them. I don’t want to get the flu that puts everyone out and not just hindered. I had full body rash a viral rash apparently. i’m glad to be able to come on and see that the jhdkids are doing okay in a sense of a diff kind of okay but an okay still compared to what i was hoping to not see i’m very glad i got to check on them when i hadnt in a while ❤ i survived pretty amazing

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