Heart Break

me erica and aidan (1).JPG

A sweet little boy a year younger then Karli passed away, his name’s Aidan. We met him in Iowa at a jane paulsen study, he loved the barn cat and the dog jan had. He rode the things with motors. The only way we could get about 3 photos with him, besides the group photos was tracking down jan’s dog in the house for him, such an amazing brave sweet loving boy who shouldn’t have to go through this or his family having to either. He survived so much and always had a smile!! So many amazing people who are so needed pass away too soon. It can’t be said I love all of the kids and I think if you do something, do it out of love. Being able to know you’re not alone going through this is a blessing God and Jesus have given me.

It really shoots reality through you, I had a seizure a day and a half ago ish and just missed the hard broda chair bars apparently Mom watched me go down. I remember this is real, it does get worse. I might not feel it we might not see it immediate, if I have to go through more to pass through God’s will i’ll do my best. I don’t know why anyone is meant to be in my life but there has to be some reason.


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