Deja vu

My muscles are tightening so bad Mom’s had to dress me and with my arms and everything completely tight it hurts and its hard to do but its cold weather and i cant wear a house dress, i talk odd a lot and i cant remember and i seize and i sleep for 17 hours straight and i walk odd and my foot to my hip literally is permanently turned in so i tend to curl up keep my legs closed most the time i dont notice

it’s comforting having seen others go through this before me like Karli.. it’s not as scary but I remember looking at them from a different angle, i’m trying to see what they see in me. I have juvenile huntington’s disease, it’s not my fault. Noone should be treated differently for it. Feeling it happening is so much different then watching it. I guess people don’t really understand. I’m stuck in bed most the time sometimes i do get good enough to go to town when i’m lucky. I’m scared shitless of when convention comes up I don’t think I can handle even the talk of it.

I made a promise to the jhdkids that even up until I can’t I would help them as much as I could, and it really helps distract me and make my life feel like its worth something everyday rather then not be here to help them. All I can do is try.. Just to survive.. I’m not alone.. this is the newest collage of the jhdkids updated, the first collage is the jhdkids as children and the second of jhdkids older, except some kids haven’t even grown up. We’ve lost jhdkids and we’ve added more. We just need hope for the kids going through this circle that theres hope for at least the newest ones ❤

all just children

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