So bad right now while I sleep all day and wake up at night unable to yell out for help when I just wake up trapped until it lowers severity.. Muscle spasms bringing back choking up anything especially drinks and whatever the hell else it wants. Still Alive. Successfully changed dottis clothes from the build a bear she got me while she was still here don’t worry the jhdkids shirt is still in good use right now, the type of shoes i wear are usually super bendable and I just love the dress on her with her bow that matches sparkles dress of course when i took the magnet out of Dottis mouth ffor mris finding out she has sound im not taking out lol so surgery scar is still in her mouth poor girl this is so hard karli and daddy understand but they’re not here to help me feel like im not disposal and tons of other things I’ve heard just for being sick im human and i do things you think are a bad influence on even Karli you don’t know what you’re saying because I love all of even jhdkids and that can’t be wrong. I wish only one person had to go through it because I’d gladly take this for them im dying anyways 

I asked Dottie to take pictures with them she is so photogenic she did great 

And even the cockatiel Flash bowed to get clapping for him

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