Seems to be very cruel and God seems to be very loving and giving, knowing your going to die is scary but the suffering is scarier i think or thought, seizures were almost non stop last night when i woke partially up mom got me meds to help them stop but i’m still very shaky and sick but lilli is quite the funniest little thing ever she wins every game of hungry hungry hippos and she sings and makes up songs about things and dances and makes up stories and cereal is mud and grandma is so sick watching us eat mud when i had to go to bed from starting to seize too bad she said she felt sick too she started making herself shake and she layed on the couch and then after a bit she just got back up i think shes still trying to understand the world, but in a way i think she’s trying to correct it better then we could. Isn’t that how the world works, kids come in the world a certain way to make it better. Seems everyone is blindfolded though.

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