Wish Ideas

I guess i could post what i think i might be able to do still but would take extra added to get to do it basically a bucket list that might or might not get fulfilled i’ve done a lot in my life still though but these would be dreams..

Please don’t try to fulfill these a lot are very personal and i want to try to do them if you want you can ask me if you can help

  • I want to take my niece to the tundra lodge and take her to build a bear and build a bear with her like karli did for me and go to chuck e cheese with her for lasting memories especially for her too
  • I would love to have a fundraiser here with Virginia it obviously couldn’t be huge because of where we are but it’s my wish that we could do one together and the money could go straight to jhdkids needs none of this other confusing stuff no offense
  • I would love to make a jhdkids video of all the kids with videos of them like the others instead of like mine
  • I would love to get a picture from a jhdkid
  • I would love someone to unblock my roku channel so i can watch the simpsons again lmao ok not as serious but needed
  • I would love to help Lilli pick out her dog, and if not a dog then a fish at least
  • I wish everyone would celebrate my mom’s birthday with us by sending her even a card
  • I wish these seizures would go away and i wouldn’t need a wishes list
  • I wish all of these kids would get better too!! and I wish all their dreams come true


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