Last Wishes

i’ve gotten to do so many amazing things and wishes in my lifetime, 25 years so far, my mom already promised i could die at home and even though the idea of me being the


main-qimg-640f8f93d0d78a3077768272d464d168-cpictures at the service everyone wearing pajamas for me, my bedroom being empty my
family and furry kids and friends unable to speak to me again. At one point it freaks you out until the point where your adjusted enough to decide, what do i want as a last wish? i want it to be memorable i want it to be just right enough that i want it that bad and i want my family to be part of it, i’ve had a make a wish which led me to making videos and jhdkids and getting to help them through the grace of god and even if i don’t die right off, using what i can do what would i do? i have one gold chip from my life that i’ve earned by dying when i’m supposed to. How will I Use It?

I wish i could meet every jhdkid but i know i will someday, i wish i could take my niece to an epic indoor water park but i can’t travel that far, i wish i could travel to places and people i love and want to see but i can’t. I have to figure out what am i able to do can it happen.

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