One thing i’ve learned is, i don’t like change, but I also to your dissatisfaction can’t be jacerschanged, i am who i am i’m sick how i’m sick i have what happens happens and its all out of my control and i cant fix it so why do you think you can, everyone can’t change me because i can’t even handle myself, i am who i am and if you want to try to change me spare me the pain. If you want me to think what you do i’m not going to just because you want me to or think you know me better then me. Spare us both the pain. You can’t change what i’ve been through you can’t change what i’m going through you can’t change how i see it and neither can i. So if you think you can do anything but accept me for who i am and understand that i have it different then you and not try to fix me or change me that’d be great. The ironic part is i don’t like change, i’m pretty sure it comes with the disease.

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