Landslide or Heightening

jhd is taking everything slowly only water except apple juice with meds in it at night, and a spongebob push up once a day no good neurologist so shitty seizures real and muscle and events and i have jhd im soo pissed, my ear bleeding during the night from sinus but my teeth parts are randomly falling out so last night it hurt so bad i took extra sleep meds and pain meds and mouthwash and a heat rice think on max im not getting a feeding tube and i can’t eat candy anymore but my stomach still can have the worst stomach aches i’ve ever felt next to the jhd flu. uuughhhh and this dam* antivirus wont get off my computer!!!!!

i’ve taken everything gracefully so far, from regular chapter books to childrens and kindle books, i gave my regular books away, from coloring books to marker paper drawing books, i gave away the coloring books and most the crayons, from the keyboard which i completely dont remember i forgot it it hurt so bad i stopped playing it, put everything away, im on a laptop and it hurts and its hard just using it and gracefully before my dystonia takes my hands and legs, and its hard to do jhdkids updates so mom does for me, i dont even put their new ages up because i can’t keep up. so the laptop is going and im moving to watch more movies on the tv, im now on ipad, so many lights and noises etc that im going from nintendo 2ds to gameboy color. learning sign language right now id forget it asap. i can’t even remember the alphabet i went from l to n and it was a success. bad seizures do that. i couldnt even halloween because i was sick and if you have something you get something else on top of that, and then you go to the doctors and catch something else!! i’m sooooo sick of this disease!!

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