i can personally say the eclipse makes difference in seizures in jhdkids mom said i was even jerking in my sleep and im still jerky and it just doesn’t seem like today is going to be a great one jhd wise

the seizures haven’t been stopping the bad movement ones for a week now

was waiting for movement seizure side effects to kick in, extreme stomach pain and body pain that requires sedation, dizziness, vertigo (weird right), bad stomach acid, still doesnt stop it from continuing the video below shows what one looks like lately, but the one before this one was wayy worse and wayy longer

I’m really really trying to stay sane

I’ve been watching videos of Karli and Daddy, i know time is so short yet i still think like i do and i can’t help it i could die at any time from jhd i just miss them so much and this all sucks so much

everything would be so different.. i made this one 5 years after they passed away

I don’t think i ever actually thought they would leave i made this one year before they died
i might not be as happy as she was, as faithful as she was, as strong as she was, but i’ll still always be able to say she is still my little sister and he is still my daddy and nothing can take that way

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