muscle seizures are extra fun if you forgot or didn’t think you’d be getting out of bed to need it, so your on the floor hitting your head instead this is you know those tall chairs they have instead of regular ones, we have those and i wasnt wearing my helmet and seizure and fell off the side of the chair onto the puppies (who are safe) banging my head hard against the wall several times thankfully not hitting my head first, these are the sick seizures uncontrollable feeling them but not being able to scream or anything its cruel this disease twists everything the worst is when you walk out of the doctors crying because they said they can’t help you, except now it’s considered a normal thing for me to have these theres worse.. now add the stomach flu.. a cold.. teeth issues.. real seizures.. extreme stomach pain that comes with jhd, then you have to shower which causes seizures and extreme fatigue so basically mom has to shower me it’s just so ridiculous.

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