Frozen 2 Review

Contains spoilers.. it’s cruel i lost my little sister and dad, and watching them start happy together is great.. but when olaf dies in her arms and she thinks her sister died too,which she basically did she should’ve at least had Kristof by her but no all seperate extreme grieving only for ta da her sister lives but as a element so I consider her partly dead from that and it’s like a rule Elsa always is queen it’s the great part of a magical queen.. and now she’s so far away in the forest this just isn’t a movie for kids even when Olaf comes back with Elsa showing up it hurts because I can’t have mine back that easy it’s not fair andso not a movie I’d think Disney would make and release early during coronavirus not that I don’t love the release early for most it’s magical and happy but for some like me it’s not a very good ending it’s aweful

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