Okay thank goodness for word choice fills, there’s like 3 or4. Viruses going around the stomach pain the one I’ve had bad.. there still things I haven’t had yet that is going through the house all through and around mom even is.. congestion in head and chest and sore throats and sleeping and fevers and that’s just some.. just the strting I feel all wrong and I’ve been seizing shaking and real n trapped in body feeling hearing can’t move anything last night yesterday part and so jhd piles them all on add shitty immune system it holds on for etra months n they re already suppost to be weeks n so I don’t know what s gonna hppen so im not sure if I’ll come out of it all or how I’ll be thank you for helping keep everything going otherwise I’d be screwed please don’t forget jhd week May 24-31st we’ve done once but need to keep going love you all hopefully it’ll be finer than I think


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