Halfway To Heaven

Where half my family already is 😥 just walk back through the door!! every er run every hospital everytime something happened or just having dreams of bombs dropping only on Karli, the fear that everytime they left they wouldn’t come back. Everytime the doctors said it was time, and she recovered. Everytime until the last time.. when the nurse came in my room and said it’s time.. when you tell your Dad Karli’s gone and he cries hearbreakingly holding onto one of her stuffed animals. Having him die from hd and a broken heart in the nursing home 2 months later.. and the best friends that are on this crazy ride with us through this our fur kids. The price of love is worth it, doesn’t make it hurt any less. Thank God for our blessings of Ellie’s kids and Sully’s daughter and Roxi and Flash(my cockatiel) we still have. and the comfortability of home until joining them hopefully again.


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